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To book rooms in the Frank Kennedy Centre or Investor's Group Athletic Centre, please go to

Use this form if your requested date is more than two business days from the current date. If your requested date is within two business days, contact the building scheduler by phone.

Before submitting your request, view the room details in Astra Schedule and confirm that the room you are requesting has the technology and room features you require.

All non-standard room setup needs, as well as any audio/visual equipment that is not included in the Room Details, must be booked separately.

Your request will be forwarded to the room scheduler of the building selected, and you should receive a response within two business days.

A summary page with the details of your request will be presented after you submit this page. Note: This is a summary of your request; it is not a confirmation of your booking.

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When requesting multiple meeting dates, enter all of your required dates and times in the Additional Date Request Info field. Do not use the Start Date/End Date or the Start Time/End Time fields when requesting multiple meetings.

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Other Instructions

When your request is confirmed, you must make your own catering arrangements with Conference and Catering Services.

Catering: Will food or beverages be served?

Other Instructions:

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Thank you for choosing the University of Manitoba for your event.